Your white paper is the foundation of your b2b marketing, and plays the vital role of presenting the case for the product or service you offer. It does not – and should not- focus on your business, but seeks to convince the reader of the compelling case for implementing that particular technique or novel solution.

The tone is usually formal and highly factual, with neither the scope nor the need to define or describe the details of what makes your business unique. This is not a fault; it is simply the accepted –and expected – format of the industry standard. The White Paper is a testimonial to the need for the service in general, and so your company presentation of the evidence is likely to be read alongside similar documents produced by your competitors.

Promotion of your company will be made separately through various other channels, on and offline, typically from a sales brochure, data sheets and case studies.

But what if there were a way to combine the hard evidence together with the case for why your business is uniquely positioned to implement the service, backed by the testimonials of satisfied clients?

This is exactly what a published book can offer your b2b marketing.

You control the content and have the scope to address much more than you could in advertising materials alone.

What’s more, in addition to adding kudos and authority to your company, publishing and distribution on Amazon allows you to increase visibility to a wider audience.

Why has this channel been under-used to date? The published company brochure has been around for quite some time, but it is a labour-intensive and expensive document to produce. Companies wishing to produce a glossy, professional volume had to hire the services of a traditional publishing house or pay the entire cost of printing and storing an entire print run.

There has been a recent trend to produce ebooks – a vaguely-defined category which overlaps with the data sheet and other purely marketing publications. However, the difference in impact between a downloadable, in the form of a pdf, and a published physical book needs no explanation.

A book instantly conveys authority, and is much less likely to be discarded than a paper business card or some advertising leaflets.

Even more exciting is the cost-effectiveness of self-publishing on Amazon. A typical paperback book costs around $2.60 per copy to produce – including delivery!

How to Publish a Book without Writing More Copy

So how do you go about writing the book? Unless you happen to have a talented writer or journalist on your team –and he or she has plenty of time on their hands!- who will you hire to represent your company in book form?

This is where your white paper provides you with an excellent resource and a solid basis for a book. If you already have the hard factual evidence in this succinct format –and you own the content- it’s only a matter of combining your promotional materials to create the content for your book, to achieve any marketing objective you can think of.

This applies equally well for the entrepreneur wishing to present themselves to their ideal clients. The status of ‘published author’ cannot be underestimated – and a copy of your own book is so much more impressive than just another calling card!

Rather than invest months of company time deciding on content and meeting with publishers and editors, let me take care of that for you. My experience as a writer, editor and publishing consultant means I can offer you a smooth and effective conversion of your White Paper into a published book,

with minimal input from you or your team. You already have the company logo, colours, etc, so the book can be published in a matter of weeks. The possibilities are endless!

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