It’s Raining Men

Finding your Inner Man Magnet

Discover an amazing abundance of eligible men when you change you mindset from lack and despair, to simply accepting that there is an overwhelming number of suitable, eligible and wealthy men out there. Let this be your mantra:

Just give it a few days to sink in until you retrain your subconscious to acknowledge the truth.

So how much time have you wasted up to now, bemoaning your luck and sending negative, unhealthy messages to your inner self? From now on in, there’s no excuse – you can no longer say, hand on heart, that no-one told you how to change your thoughts to seriously change your success with men. Be prepared to discover your natural siren instinct, and open your arms to welcome your ideal man into your arms. You are now in command of how to get the guy.

The Millionaire Magnet


The Millionaire Magnet method was designed to show any woman how she could attract and keep a rich man – for some women this seems like a step too far, an impossible task- but the program works just as well for drawing your ideal mate to you, regardless of his financial status.

The presentation is given by a guy – and he knows how a guy’s mind works! He also knows the secrets of those self-assured man magnets who always seem to have men mesmerised and wrapped around their little finger.

However, the purpose of the system is not to reverse the tables and become a player – giving back the perceived qualities of men who don’t commit. It is expected that you will use the knowledge responsibly to seek out your life partner and form a long-term bond.

By using the step-by-step advice of the program writers, you will feel the power of the system and feel safe in the knowledge that you know how to get the guy. Don’t waste any more evenings trying to interpret what he said or did, and don’t suffer in the agonising frustration of analyzing ‘what went wrong’. The confidence of knowing that the man you want is crazy about you gives you security and freedom to pursue your romance without the doubts and fears that something-anything!-is out of your control.

Controlling Blood Pressure with Diet

That’s not a very exciting title, but the alternative is far worse!

Millions choose to ignore nutrition, eat whatever they want and whatever the manufacturers create for them, and, when the body reacts with obesity and elevated pressure, they accept the lazy route of popping pills such as beta blockers as a blood pressure solution. But do they stop to think of the side effects of the ‘solution’ they happily swallow as a substitute for natural food?

Hypertension is a disease of the modern era; it’s not a given for the human species, and it can easily be avoided if we eat food designed for our bodies.


So how have over one third of the population of the Western World managed to develop the symptoms in an environment of plenty.

Even though Mother Nature provides us with a bountiful harvest of natural foods of all varieties, we still hanker after the ‘new’ and ‘modern’.

Yes, steak and salad tastes great, but what’s this new combination in the shiny packet on the supermarket shelves? It’s labeled ‘low fat’ and ‘a rich source of fiber’, so it must be good for me, right?

How easily we are sold synthetic processed food in place of the mundane, but healthy options so widely available to us!

In order to stay fit and healthy, and avoid inflammation and strain on our systems, we should actively seek food that has not been tampered with. The bottom line is that the ‘processing’ converts the food into a substance the body doesn’t recognize. What can the body do when confronted with alien matter? It hasn’t chosen to consume this pseudo-food as fuel, so the only course left to it is to deal with it as a poison. All toxins are treated in the liver – so the more bad stuff you ingest, the harder the liver has to work to neutralize and attempt to protect the rest of the body.

So, continue to eat artificial food and you continue to have a liver slavishly working overtime to cope with the unrecognized material. The biggest filter in your body is now under stress constantly. If you’re smart, you’ll soon see that the way to make your body run at optimum performance is to feed it the right fuel. You wouldn’t put benzine in the diesel engine of your car!

That means it’s time to wake up and take responsibility for what goes into your mouth. Here are some clues :

1. Real food is living – it will have a shelf life of a few days, maybe even hours, so it will be found in the refrigerator cabinets or among the other fruit and vegetables with a shelf life of one or two days.


2. No food found encased in shiny labels and found in the cookies, cereal and cakes rows can possibly be natural.


3. Real food doesn’t need marketing and advertising – we already know that carrots, broccoli, beef and eggs are good for us!

4. Ignore the weasel words of the clever marketing people.

5. Remember ‘low fat’ usually means ‘high sugar’ and ‘added vitamins’ are meaningless if they are not available from the natural make-up of the food.

If it’s living and you know where it came from (without any knowledge of the chemical industry), you are doing yourself a massive favor.

I urge you to get the facts first-hand from Ken Burge. He watched his father pile on pounds and come close to fatal hypertension, but, fortunately managed to completely reverse his condition and give him back a new lease of life, using nothing more than wholesome, tasty food available from the local market. Let Ken tell the story of The Blood Pressure Solution here.